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TOP Selection Grófi Hárslevelű - 2011

TOP Selection Grófi Hárslevelű - 2011

The Hárslevelű variety is really an easily appreciated grape variety delivering a lot of different styles and diversity. With strict yield control it delivers serious concentration. If over ripe grapes are harvested the wine is often vinified with some residual sugar as a sweet wine, but the dry wines tend to be more exciting. Special wine for the special moments.

An extraordinary style from a not your every day wine. The very pronounced style of the variety is mixing with the oaky, toasty aromas. Plenty of concentration and richness with lots and lots of fruit, over ripe and dried fruits come through with round acidity in the background, but there is some minerality on the palate as well and the fine toasty aromas of the oak support the big picture as well, a very complex wine. Very long and playful finish with lot of excitement and changing continuity.

  • Winery: Tornai Pincészet
  • Region: Nagy-Somlói Borvidék

  • Type of wine: dry
    Alcohol: 13,8%%
  • Sugar: 3,0 g/l g/l
  • Acid: 5,0 g/l g/l
  • Grape: Hárslevelű

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Vinagora Wine Competition 2013 - Silver Medal; XXXIV. National Wine Competition - Silver Medal; Mun Dus 2013 - Bronze Medal; The Great Somló Wine regions Wine Competition - Silver Medal

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Food pairings

Chilled at 12-14 °C a unique and unmatched experience to pair with spinach salmon file

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Tornai Pincészet Kft.  Somló hegy

8478 Somlójenő, külterület hrsz. 1248


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