Tornai Premium

Premium Juhfark 2019

Premium Juhfark 2019

Its aroma is reminiscent of a ripe grape with subtle rocky-mineral aromas. Good taste, the  ripe fruitiness and the woody aromas are in great harmony, with a hint of bitter almond, white fleshed peach. Long, mature acids with an exciting finish.

  • Winery: Tornai Pincészet
  • Region: Nagy-Somlói Borvidék

  • Type of wine: dry
    Alcohol: 12,9%
  • Sugar: 0,9 g/l
  • Acid: 7,0 g/l
  • Grape: Juhfark

The winemaker said...

Premium Juhfark is a combination of the fruity style and the oak aging, to create an exciting harmony between the two styles. Perhaps it has been our most successful , most exciting wine for many years, it is an excellent gastro wine.

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The production direction said...

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When do you drink it?

Food pairings

Its diverse flavors provide a great combination with lightly spicy white meats, a great choice for chicken with sweet and sour sauce, and great with matured cheeses.

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