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Premium Hárslevelű 2019

Premium Hárslevelű 2019

Its aroma and taste are very typical of the grape variety, aromas reminiscent of linden honey and linden flowers, all in an elegant and delicate style. In the background are grapefruit, refined aromas of oak, and a mild stoniness can be noticed. The vivid acidity reinforces the fruity notes, as well as the mineral character, thereby makes the wine more exciting.

  • Winery: Tornai Pincészet
  • Region: Nagy-Somlói Borvidék

  • Type of wine: dry
    Alcohol: 11,9%
  • Sugar: 1,0 g/l
  • Acid: 6,5 g/l
  • Grape: Hárrslevelű

The winemaker said...

In our Premium wines, we combine the fruity notes of a reductive style with an oaky maturation, creating an exciting harmony in the wine itself. Hárslevelű is one of the favorite kind for us, so it can be pleasingly fruity, while maintaining its seriousness and elegance.

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Food pairings

This wine can be an excellent choice, going back to old traditions - with hash brown, but it is also great with poultry dishes.

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