The vineyard


In 2003 and 2009 a spacing of 2.4 m x 0.8 m was used (5208 stocks/ha) with varieties such as: szürkebarát, zeusz, zenit, pinot blanc, sauvignon blanc, irsai olivér, tramini, hárslevelű, csomorika.

The philosophy of our wine-growing activities is that excellent wine can be made only from healthy and ripe grapes. This is the principle of our winemaking technology.

Pruning is done exclusively by our own (permanent) workers. We use two types of pruning: Royat cordon and umbrella. The bud load per stock is between 6 and 9, depending on the spacing of the stocks and the bud examination. We dispose of the chopped canes so that it ensures a large part of the heat energy need of Hotel Somló.