Plant protection


We strive to guarantee the optimal leaf area/fruit weight ratio this way, ensuring good spray coverage and the desired air flow in the fruit zone and the canopy. Biological protection targets mainly insects. The swarming of grapevine moths is monitored by using pheromone traps during the reproduction period. In some of our areas we use pheromone-based confusion techniques.

We perform leaf analyses three times a year, which provides us with adequate information about the nourishment level of the plants.An important part of our growing technology is bunch selection and yield limitation. The maximum yield in the Top Selection wine family is 5,000 kg/ha. In the other categories, in the case of Somló varieties, the maximum yield is 8,000 kg/ha, while it is 10,000 kg/ha with other varieties. This work process is carried out exclusively by hand, with the help of our staff trained to this special task.