Why do we organize Somló Juhfark Celebration?

The Somló Juhfark is the perfect encounter between the variety and the terroir. The unique features of Somló can be shown best by the Juhfark. And vice versa: the characteristic of the Juhfark variety is shown most obviously in Somló. The result is a wine with many faces, that is unimpeachable, complex, mineral-flavored in every style, from light to matured.

Due to its unique soil and climate, and its outstanding wines, Somló is now appreciated all over the world and is considered among the best wine regions. As András Horkay (WSET), the chairman of the National Wine Experts Committee has recently said: Somló wine is a real competitor to the most outstanding white wines with great potential. And besides the matured ones there are lots of Somló wine that attracts the consumer with its lightness. The whole world is heading for fruity, easy-to-drink wines. Today, also Somló offers wines, which, in addition to being fruity, are able to show the unique, mineral terroir, which makes Somló remarkable on a global level.

The sophisticated wine consumer today seeks limited and non-reproducible wines everywhere. Our domestic varieties that show the terroir can not be reproduced elsewhere in the world – they are really unique.  Also compared to all other volcanic wine regions Somló gives incomparable features to its wine. During the Juhfark Celebration you can taste the many styles of Juhfark wines on the widest scale.
So that’s why we organize Somló Juhfark Celebration! Come and join us.