We tasted our new wines

We harvested good quality grapes, but the total quantity was 30% less. The main problem was that there was little rain in the summer and we got it in the wrong distribution. In May, the weather was cool and rainy, which was not optimal for grape flowering: some varieties had looser bunches, while others had different berry sizes due to prolonged flowering.

Harvest temperatures could have been a problem, but we now have the tools to counteract the effects of the warm weather. (If the harvested grapes are warmer than optimal, which now happens regularly, then unwanted fermentation processes will start before pressing.) In our new processor, we begin to cool the mash immediately after harvesting, and a slightly prolonged fermentation took place.

Our Juhark wines are of excellent quality (due to the rainy weather, of course, it took more work to keep this particularly sensitive variety healthy), besides the furmint and zenit are worth highlighting.

Our Friss and Estate Wines will be available from mid-February.

Of course, we still have to wait for the Premium and Top Selection wines, the latter ones are still battonaged, but also developing nicely, and our ice wine harvested in January has started to ferment as well.