Vagány and Varázsló (The Cool and The Wizard): 2 irresistible summer temptations.

We made these new wines for social occasions, whether it’s a pleasant evening with your partner, a summer party with friends or a family occasion. And they are also excellent food pairings: Vagány can be a good accompaniment to light salads and fish, Varázsló to light summer desserts.


With this blend, we want to bring Somló closer to wine lovers who like youthful, light wines and who have known Somló wines as too serious and too characteristic. Somló wines can be cool, youthful, light!

Type of wine: dry
Alcohol: 12.6%
Sugar: 6.1 g / l
Acid: 6.3 g / l
Grapes: Zeus, Szürkebarát, Zenit, Olaszrizling

(On the nose it has floral notes in the foreground, with tropical fruits, ripe mangoes and grapefruit in the background. It has a lively, characteristic, ripe fruity freshness, beside the minerality it has a creamy, but "living" acidity and good balance. Somló's character makes it well recognizable, yet it conquers with its cool, youthful style.)


A real female audience favorite. A popular wine style, thanks to its fruity and its semi sweet tastes it is the wine of the sweet wine lovers.

Type of winr: semi-sweet
Alcohol: 13.0%
Sugar: 16.2 g / l
Acid: 6.3 g / l
Grapes: Zeus, Gray Friend, Zenith, Tramini

(Its nose is rich in fresh, ripe tropical fruits and citrus. Lively, full of fruits and rounded acidity on the palate. Its semi-sweet taste makes it easy to love, it has stone fruits, citrus and candied oranges in the background.)

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