Success in the National Gastronomy Championship

The quality of the competition is well illustrated by the 14-page announcement, we are not presenting now, we’re only saying that in the cook category, the task was to prepare 4 different cold finger foods and a five-course gourmet menu. The method of preparation, the number of pieces, the weight and the way of serving were all determined. The members of the jury continuously monitored the work of the competitors, the use of the tools, and if the process of creation was correspond to what was planned by the competitor. A video was also made to help with the evaluation.

Norbi's five-course menu: pepper-crusted pheasant terrine, with multi seed crisp, hollandaise sauce. The one of the four finger foods closest to his heart: steamed salmon with marinated English celery salad and creamy onion stuffed in spaghetti. Just to describe it is delicious…

Of course, the evaluation was as complex as possible, including planning, execution, visualization and the marketability of the product. Another aspect was appearance, harmony in taste and color, compliance with modern nutrition, naturalness, technology, arrangement and the way it can be served.

In such a competition, the medals are not given as usual, there is not only one gold, silver and bronze medal, but all those competitors receive medals who reached a given percentage after deducting points for their faults. So everyone starts with 100%, and the more faults they make, the lower ranking they get. Norbi became a bronze medalist, which was a great success as he first started in a cold food competition. He says the most important thing now was to learn. He will be there next year again, as it is his goal to start on the 2020 World Cup, and for that, an even brighter medal can be a good entry.

And we – who are eager to eat our chef’s food – also benefit from such a competition. You will find a couple of the competition works in our weekend menus, and in the Wine Shop we permanently offer Norbi's wine snacks, they are perfect even as a light lunch. Find out more about the cuisine of the Tornai Winery Restaurant.