Somló Juhfark Celebration – Best wines in one place at a time

The event is the representative, largest-scale presentation of the variety, where Somló’s dominant cellars show their best Juhfark wines to the audience. The Juhfark is the variety of Somló, it’s special, volcanic terroir can be tasted best in the wines made from Juhfark – wines that are unique all over the world and cannot be reproduced anywhere else. That is why Somló's wine producers decided to organize the Celebration of Juhfark every year. This year, the selection will be diverse again: from the fresh, fruity to the full-bodied, matured wines made in varied styles can be tasted from the 2015-16-17 vintages and also 2018 samples. Tasting is complemented by master classes, cellar and vineyard tour. The novelty of this year's Celebration is the presentation of a guest winery, the Dobosi Winery from Szentantalfa. Of course there will also be a bus service from Budapest and a free shuttle service from and to the surrounding hotels so that everyone can enjoy the pleasure of tasting to the maximum.

Participating cellars of the Celebration:
Barcza Pincészet, Bogdán Pincészet, Csordás-Fodor Borház, Fekete Pince, Hegedűs-Szabó Pincészet, Kreinbacher Birtok, Somlói Vándor Pince, St. Margit Pincészet, Szalai Pince, Tornai Pincészet, Vendég: Dobosi Pincészet (Szentantalfa)

The main organizer and the host this year also will be the Tornai Winery. More details soon. Information, ticket purchase: +36 70 339 9821