Somló Juhfark Celebration - for the 3rd time!

Juhfark is one of the most exceptional, indigenous grape varieties that, under Somló's soil and climatic conditions, gives globally unique wines, so we, the Somló wine producers, gather each year and present the best Juhfark wines for the public.Today, this tasting has become the most important, representative show of the variety.

This year's event attracted a record number of foreign visitors, most of whom came from Poland. The winery's grand event hall was filled with guests, many on the terrace enjoyed the beautiful September sunshine and the grill food matching with the Jufhfark wines, offered by our chef. The program included guided tours in the vineyard, the cellar and the museum of the winery, as well as Tornai Vertical Juhfark tasting, where we presented 15-20 years old Tornai wines in addition to the best wines of the past years.

Evaluating the event, the host, Tamás Tornai, said that the Juhfark grape variety is difficult to grow, but it is worth to deal with it. Sophisticated customers all over the world are increasingly searching for wines that are limited and unrepeatable. The Somló Juhfark is just like that. We can show our uniqueness through it: Somló's special terroir by an indigenous grape variety.