Somló front page cover story in VinCE magazine

"Classic, legendary, not easy to understand, yet enduring, multi-layered white wines are born in Somló. Although there is a difference between the opinions what makes their character special, but one is certain: their uniqueness is indisputable. "This is where the article begins, and of course we agree, with the small addition that there is plenty of easy-to-understand wine on the hill. And this is very important: our old goal, together with many other Somló wine producers, to show that Somló gives excellent wines in the light body, well-consumable category as well.

Which is, moreover, the most important finding of the summary. We learn that Somló has long been one of Tokaj's strongest rivals in big white wines with great potential, and it also turns out that two main styles are typical of today's wine region. One is "traditional" while the other tries to break away from the "deeply rooted oxidative tradition". As András Horkay puts it: the world goes to the "easier-to-drink wines", so it is very positive to see that Somló wine-growers can and want to produce wine that is simultaneously able to show the unique, mineral Somló terroir, yet they are fruity and easier to drink, and the variety itself remains recognizable.

The article also tells about the unique volcanic soil and our most important varieties of grapes: Somló's most important characteristic is the diversity of soils, it makes its wine distinctive and unmistakable, and Mr Horkay describes Juhfark, our most important variety, as an independent category that best expresses the true Somló character. And we also get a fair review of the tasted wines, including our 2015 Top Selection Aranyhegy Juhfark, with the second highest score.

You can also read a lot of other interesting details in the article, such as a comprehensive report of this year's Somló Juhfark Celebration, and we finally get a lesson we can agree with: the future of the wine region lies in the unique grape varieties (Juhfark, Furmint, Hárslevelű), the impeccable character of the hill and quality winemaking. We're on it, make sure of that you too!