MTA's wine of the year 2017

The awards of the MTA's wine of the year 2017 wine challenge were given on April 5th 2017 in Budapest in the headquarters of MTA.

The committee was composed of experts and researchers of wines, leaded by Tamás Freund academic, vice president of the MTA, member of the Hungarian Wine Academy. Vice presidents of the committe were Miklós Niszkács publicist, vice president of the Hungarian Wine Academy and György Hajós doctor of the MTA, professor emeritus.

The most populous field of contenders showed up in the mid-level cathegory of white wines, where 38 wines were tasted by the jury. There 24 entries of top level white wines, while the best red wine was chosen from 18 contenders by the jury. In total 126 wines of 51 vineyards - 13 from hungarian wine regions, one cellar from outside the borders - challenged for the awards of the MTA's wine of the year 2017 wine challenge.

As the jury stated the white wines followed the most of the MTA's original intentions: those wines are encouraged to be entered for the competition that are natives or residents long ago in the Carpathian basin.

The diploma was passed by our colleague Péter Gajdics