I've never tasted such authentic wine before! Wine Paris 2019

There were 2000 wineries at the exhibition, mainly from France, but of course the most important wine regions of Europe were all represented. 26,700 guests attended, only professionals, mainly merchants, from the most interesting markets: France, USA, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium.

In addition to Somló, the wines of Tokaj, Villány, Sopron, Eger, Balaton, Mór and Hajós-Baja were presented from Hungary by our partner, Nemos Creative / hungarianwines.eu, a company working for the international success of Hungarian wine. Such events are crucial, because our basic problem is that the world doesn't know us. And although we know that our wines are worthy of attention to the world, we must somehow convince those merchants who can choose 1990 other excellent wine cellars only at this event, and go through the exhibition according to a pre-planned timetable calculated per minute. Luckily, we are on the tasting list of more and more merchants, which gives us at least a chance – but how much more is needed for a successful business after the first tasting! So there are no coincidences here, the visitors came to the Hungarian stand almost only for purpose, they wanted to taste a specific wine from the catalog. Because besides quality we are strong in another important thing: we offer wines, which gives a new exciting experience because of the special, local varieties and the precious terroir. This is the biggest strength of Somló Hill also, this is what makes it unique in the world. And this is why 2016 Top Selection Aranyhegy Juhfark was particularly successful at the exhibition: Belgian, French, Dutch, Italian and American experts also appreciated it. The American Bradley Alan said straight away: "I've never tasted such authentic wine before!" The 2017 Fresh Zenit has also received a lot of recognition. For example, Alexis Botherel from the Dijon Wine Academy brought a group of students, and this wine was one of their favorites.

All the participating Hungarian wineries performed well, there is a growing professional interest for Hungarian wines. After such an appearance, we have to do "only" the particular work, with which the interest can be transformed into market results. Of course, a long-term, integrated, bottom-up marketing support, financed at least partly by the wine sector, would be desirable, but this is not the subject of this article.