Introducing our new chef - Tornai cuisine takes you to the next level

When he was a kid, he spent a lot of time with the great-grandmother in Kemeneshőgyész and he helped her a lot with cooking in the wood stove. He became a cook in 2006, then had a different job for a few years, but only to confirm that he has to take the profession even more seriously. He returned to the kitchen in 2013, two years later became a certified chef – and he was faced with the fact that he still had much to learn and for that he had to work in the best places. He got a job at the Betekints Hotel in Veszprém. He stepped up the ladder and then went to the Chianti restaurant, where he learned from such recognized masters like László Ruppert, Roland Varga and Gábor Krizsán.

He loves to do it, his job has become an important part of his life, always setting new goals and inspiring him, so he has the motivation and dynamism to keep going.

He sees great potential in the Torna Winery, where he can reach a breakthrough with the professional technical background, excellent wines and wonderful surroundings. He plans to create a cuisine that offers an experience you won't get anywhere else, and guests say, "that's why it's worth going to the Tornai". Also those who go to restaurant only a couple of times a year and those who eat at Michelin starred restaurants.

The menu will feature Hungarian cuisine, with recognizable, intense flavors, but in a clear way, in line with the latest gastronomic trends – and of course, in his own style. He is constantly keeping an eye on the work of his chef colleagues, reading a lot of books, watching food photos, that’s how new ideas come up.

He prepares his meals from high-quality, locally produced and seasonal ingredients, not just as a slogan, but taking every opportunity. With chalk board offerings and themed evenings and weeks, he plans to show guests an area of gastronomy that may not be familiar to many - and where the kitchen team can maximize their creativity, giving them fresh ideas and inspiration, eliminating daily routine solutions.

Not surprisingly, Roland's greatest appreciation is the satisfied guests and direct feedback is the best guideline. From now at our Wine Dinners, you can taste the delights of our new chef. For example, this is an appetizer, the name and the look are excellent, are you curious what it tastes like? Give it a try!

Goose liver terrine, Hungarian spit cake, pistachio, quince