In Belgium with Hungarian wines

Global Wineries was founded in 2004 as a fusion of two wine importer companies. Their assortment contains about 500 different wines and related products, they are specialized in Horeca and Wholesales.We were in a good company, the enterprise's partners are from the world's most prominent wine-producing countries (Australia, New Zealand, USA, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, South-Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Slovenia, Argentina, France and Hungary). Our country were represented by 10 other wineries in addition to us.

The exhibition was held in a recently purchased, new warehouse of the company, which was an excellent choice: the site was demanding and spectacular. On the weekend days there was a huge crowd, mostly private people and families, and on Monday restaurant representatives, sommeliers and wholesalers searched for the new exciting wines they could offer to their custumers. It is a great pride that our 2016 Premium Juhfark had an outstanding success among the profession and the audience: a lot of people came to re-taste, and even a lady acted as our volunteer agent and kept inviting the guest to taste this wine. In the winery it can be tasted any time along with other outstanding wines.