Ice wine can be made! Dawn harvest at -8 degrees

The essence of making ice wine is that the grapes must be harvested frozen (at least -7 degrees) and immediately pressed. That is, the grapes ripened in the autumn must be left on the vine until the weather is so cold. By then, the grapes are losing a lot of their water content, they are withered, which make them much sweeter. Frost pressing further reduces the water content because water freezes faster than sugar and other dissolved solids of the grape, so that they can be maximally extracted, while only a few drops of ice water come out.

It sounds simple, but in practice it is very difficult to make. On the one hand, due to the increasingly warm weather, serious frosts are becoming less frequent, and in many cases the winegrower leaves the grapes out in vain and cannot make ice wine. On the other hand, the grapes must be protected from the wild animals, because of course they also love this sweet dessert. So there is a lot of risk and extra care, and the amount of wine will be about one tenth of that of a normal harvest.

But it's worth it. Ice wine is a very special kind of sweet wine, quite different from its companion botrytis or simple late harvest wine. Extremely concentrated and besides the high sugar content, its acids are the same as those of dry white wines, which results in a perfect balance.
Now it all worked out for us. The perfectly healthy, withered Zeus withered rapes left in the vineyard were severely frosted last night, we started harvesting at -8 at dawn we were done pressing before noon. So we are excited to announce that we will have our 2019 vintage ice wine after 2015!