Gluttonous Thursday at the Tornai Winery

In the old days, it was customary to eat a big before the Lent, to gobble all food that should not be consumed for weeks. This tradition was once alive also in Hungary, with different names: beside Gluttonous Thursday they called it Gobbling Thursday, Fat Thursday, Orgiastic Thursday and Tuncated Thursday. The forgotten habit has been revived with a small screw for more than ten years. On this day, many restaurants offer significant discounts, so it is particularly worth eating at these places. At Tornai Winery, on Gluttonous Thursday we give 40% discount on food prices in the restaurant. The menu (discount prices shown):

Garlic cream soup with cheese toast 650 Ft
Rural broth soup with meaty ravioli 690 Ft

Carrot hot gnocchi with cheese sauce 990 Ft
Spaghetti bolognese with parmesan chips 1190 Ft

Crispy trotters medallion with bacon cabbage and Hungarian potato noodles 1590 Ft
Cast iron grilled chicken thighs with fresh mixed salad and homemade steak potatoes 1490 Ft
Pepper-crusted pork tenderloin with mushroom brown sauce and rice 1790 Ft

Chocolate noodles with hot strawberries 690 Ft
Cinnamon apple pancake with vanilla sauce 650 F

At Lake Balaton Gluttonous Thursday is organized by Balatontipp, the list of participants you will find here.