Fantastic success: another Trophy Award from London

Now it’s official: we got our fourth International Wine Challenge Trophy award with the 2017 Top Selection Grófi Hárslevelű. Such a result is unprecedented in Hungary and is also rare in the world.

The IWC is one of the largest wine competitions in the world, and its judging process is the most rigorous. In the multi-turn process, the nominated wines are evaluated by three committees with at least 10 jury members with a long professional experience. More than 15,000 wines are nominated from nearly 50 countries worldwide each year, only 500 of them receive gold medals, and the Trophy Prize winners are chosen from the gold medalist by a new tasting. So a Trophy winner is the best of the bests. It is a special pleasure that all three of our wines have been rewarded: besides the Trophy, the Top 2017 Selection Gróf Juhfark won gold medal and the 2016 Premium Juhfark became bronze medalist. And there are two more important details: our gold medalists wines were given 95 points out of a maximum of 100, so these two wines are among the world's top 150 wines. From Hungary, Apart from us, only Tokaj sweet wines have been given gold: the Patrícius Wine House, the Vaxco Vineyards and the Royal Tokaji Winery, we congratulate them heartily.

As it is said, one good result at a wine competition can be luck as well, as one good wine can be the result of lucky coincidences. But to produce high quality constantly, year after year, and to achieve good results in every competition is the privilege of the bests. Influental world competitions are particularly important – not only because of the guaranteed standard of judjing, but also because of the international attention that opens up new, important markets.

It is interesting to see how similar our results are, whether it is a domestic competition, the selection of the wines of the Hungarian Science Academy or a big world competition. So far this year, we have won 5 gold and 12 silver medals at national and world competitions, the most successful variety is Juhfark (Aranyhegy 2015, 2016, Grófi 2017, Prémium 2016) with 8 awards. Zenit 2018 was awarded 7 medals alone, while 2018 Grófi Hárslevelű was awarded 5 medals. Zenit was also chosen as the wine of the Hungarian Science Academy in 2019. So indigenous and local varieties of Somló and Hungary perform best, which again proves that in the ever more intense competition all over the world we can really be successful with the unique and limited wines characterized by our special terroir and varieties.

And the year is long, we look forward to the sequel! Finally the tasting notes of our IWC awarded wines:

Top Selection Grófi Hárslevelű, 2017
This is rich and honeyed, yet has precision. With a saline edge to the vital pear and peach fruit and a hint of sweetness. Big and balanced, Lovely stuff!

Top Selection Grófi Juhfark 2017
Sumptuous but vigourous, with tense, salty acidity offset by rich lightly honeyed fruit. The glossy texture and weight make this a great food wine for spiced dishes.

Prémium Juhfark, 2016
Gooseberry and ripe lemon, with notes of marmalade, honey and a fresh light perfume lead to a fine finish.