2018 in Review 3 / Innovation

We resolve the contradictions of the ever-earlier harvest, the higher harvest temperature and the value-adding "cold soaking" based on our own ideas and plans. To check the new grape processing method, in the spring we went on a study trip to Bordeaux, a wine region with probably the richest traditions in the world. We had a lot to see and a lot of good experiences: for example, when in a Michelin star restaurant somebody ordered a bottle of Tornai Juhfark at the table next to us, and in another, our wine is displayed among the chef's favorites. Or, in the Cité du Vin, the world's most attractive wine-themed museum, exhibition hall and science complex, where 800 wines from 70 countries are sold, the manager and his colleagues welcome us with a bottle of Tornai Juhfark in their hands.

And of course, we had innovations also in 2018. Under dramatically warming weather conditions it is especially important that we can start processing the harvested grape as soon as possible and that the temperature is low enough, because the high temperature is the biggest enemy of the aromas to be preserved from grapes. We have built a self-developed equipment for transporting the grapes, we have tested our own designed grape soaking and desiccating tank, as well as an equipment that can be used to pour grapes directly from the container into the press. Thus, we do not have to give up on the value-enhancing effect of the skin contact (cold soaking), and we do not have to suffer the losses caused by higher grape temperatures. The technology also includes energy saving and green energy production. The technology also includes energy saving and green energy production.

We were pioneers also in another field: in Hungary we are the first winery to launch chatbot on the net. Chatbot is a technology based on artificial intelligence that can be used to conduct conversations. Using it we have created a game with which people can learn a lot about winemaking and our winery, and those who responded correctly to quiz questions could win valuable prizes.