2018 in Review 1 / Wine and Somló

The soil and the climatic conditions of the hill, together with the local varieties, produce wines that are outstanding and unique also in the international field. This is also conveyed by the most important event of the wine region, the Somló Juhfark Celebration, which was held for the third time in our winery, presenting the most interesting Juhfark wines of the best Somló cellars. Today, this tasting has become the most significant representation of the variety, attracting a large number of foreign guests as well.

In 2018, we brought closer the modern world and traditions to each other with three new wines: Premium Sauvignon Blanc, Nagy-Somlói Nász and Pink Pinot Grigio perfectly match the latest world trends: they express the terroir, Somlo's unique, unrepeatable character and easy to drink, modern wines.