The MUNDIS vini international wine competition has been held in Germany for the 16th time on 16th March 2016. The event is officially recognised as the world’s biggest wine competition. The jury selected the best wines from 39 country’s more than 6000 wines. From the wines of the world 38 received the GRAND GOLD prize the Top Selection Tramini 2013 was one of them. The organizers gave the title ’Best of show Hungary’ because it has been chosen as the best wine of Hungary.

One month later in April 2016 at the American Finger Lakes International Wine Competition two of our wines received bronze medal: Top Selection Aranyhegy Juhfark 2013 and the Top Selection Grófi Hárslevelű 2013.

In the same month the Top Selection Aranyhegy Juhfark 2013 received a silver medal at the Bordeaux Wine Competition. This year 5000 wines entered the prestigious world competition which has been organized since 1976 and nowadays it’s the most well known wine competition in Europe.

In May 2016 the 2013 Juhfark received the Trophy prize at the International Wine Challenge’s spring turn in London. The event in London held since 1984 is the world’s biggest and most influential competition in terms of trade. The wine tasting takes more than two weeks and it’s done by hundreds of juries. This year wineries from all over the world entered the competition with 16000 items. After the multiple testing the wine of Tornai Winery was among the gold medallists but it did not stop there. The gold medallist wines are tested again and the jury selects the best one from each category those can wear the Trophy title. In the dry white wine category the 2013 Tornai Grófi Juhfark won the Trophy title.

290 wines have been chosen for the third edition of Excellent Wines 2016 (white and rosé) presented by the by the Ministry of Agriculture. From the nominated 722 wines the National Wine Expert Committee selected the 290 wines for the book during a five day tasting. 226 white and 51 rosé received the excellent wine award, the Tornai Winery’s Prémium Juhfark 2015 and the Prémium Furmint 2015 were one of those.

On 24th November the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade presented the wine selection of 2017 in the Budapest Congress Centre. The 2015 Prémium Juhfark of Tornai Winery will represent Hungary’s wine culture in 2017 CLASSIC category at Hungary’s foreign delegations and representative events held by the Ministry for international delegations.

In October the Top Selection Aranyhegy Juhfark 2013 of Tornai Winery received a gold medal at the Asia Wine Trophy in South-Korea. 4000 wines were registered for this event from almost 30 countries. The wines were tasted and evaluated by 130 jury members.

To continue the success story Tornai Winery won two gold medals at the world’s most influential wine competition the International Wine Challenge’s 2016 autumn turn in London. After the great success of 2015 and 2016 spring they were qualified for the highest award the Trophy prize. The final results of the 34th International Wine Challenge have been announced on the first days of December. After the multiple strictly evaluated turns all of the medal winning wines has been tested by three different committees each of them having at least 10 juries with acknowledged professional background. Four of the wines of Tornai Winery from 2015 entered and all of them received a medal. The Top Selection Grófi Juhfark 2015 and the Prémium Furmint 2015 received bronze, the Top Selection Apátsági Furmint 2015 and the Prémium Juhfark 2015 received gold medal. With those two gold medals Hungary finished on the top of the podium together with New-Zealand. All other countries got less gold medal in this group. One other winery from Hungary got a gold medal the Grand Tokaj 2013 Aszu. More than 15000 wines are presented at the IWC competitions from more than 50 countries of the world. With this result the winery made history: they managed to win gold medal with dry white wine from Hungary in three consecutive years which no one ever did before, and now it can go for the third Trophy award with double chances.